Kurier series

The Kurier spreader can handle lime and fertilizer.

NEW Series

Coming soon!

Binding_Agent_Spreader_FrontpageBinding Agent Spreader

Available as a three-point attachment unit or towed spreader.

Golf_FrontpageSpecial Spreaders

Here you can find our Winter Application Spreader and Golf Course Spreader.

During the development of our machines, we made sure that operations and maintenance are simple. Another fact, which proves the power and reliability of the Kuxmann spreaders is, that all over the world the machines are in service. This also proves the fact that the Kuxmann lime and fertilizer spreaders took their deserved place on the market.

For every farmer, agricultural wage enterprise and construction service the optimal spreading technology:

+ Tough and sophisticated design for continuous use
+ Easy handling
+ Extremely maintenance -friendly

= Therefore, the ideal machine!