BMS Towed binding agent spreader

The spreaders can be equipped with a Control system, which also enables the possibility of Precision Spreading. An example configuration of a Control System driven spreader can be a weighting system, hydraulic rotary feeder, a hydraulic driven conveyor and a precision GPS system.

The spreader is also available as a Truck Mounted Version or as a custom-tailored spreader.

The high capacity spreader for binding agent

The Binding agent towed spreader is the ideal machine for soil stabilization which requires high-performance spreading of binding agents on a large scale

High spreading capacity, ease of operation, tremendous robustness and low maintenance and low servicing requirements.
Available as sturdy single-axle or tandem-axle trailers.

The rotary feeder is controlled by the tractor hydraulic, enabling the operator to adjust the volume and to switch the entire spreading unit off.

Numerous options to connect them to the towing device, service brake and various drive systems enable the spreaders to be combined with all types of tractor vehicles.

  • working width: 2500 mm
  • spreading quantity: 6-35 kg/m²
  • hydraulic power: 60 l/min

Spreading Module


The rotary feeder is a roller equipped with eight dams. 

The dams are mounted around the roller and generate chambers which can hold an equal amount of binding agent material.

Technical Details

– Hydraulic drive for the rotary feeder
– 800 mm wide conveyor belt
– Filling pipe (3″)
– Vent pipe (120 mm) and pressure relief flap integrated into the container
– Infinite adjustment of the quantity to be spread
– Dosing gate
– Rotary feeder for high spreading precision
– Braking system
– Upper or lower hitch-type drawbar
– Sprung drawbar
– Inspection opening for loading or revision
– Relief roof for the conveyor belt
– Dust- and rain-protection
– RPM sensor for the rotary feeder
– Lighting package
– Collecting pan
– Access ladder
– Wide-angle drive shaft
– Support
– Control unit
– Transverse augers are installed upstream of the rotary feeders to distribute the binding agent evenly across the full working width.

Kuxmann Binding agent spreader - technical details

Custom tailored sizes upon request!


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