BMS Three-point attachment unit


Short overview:

  • rotary feeder dosing
  • enormous manoeuvrable
  • easy handling
  • extreme sturdy
  • low maintenance costs

The accurate spreader for binding agent

The BMS Binding agent spreader is designed as a three-point attachment unit with a capacity of 3 m³ and 4 m³.

The rotary feeder is controlled by the tractor hydraulic, enabling the operator to adjust the volume and to switch the entire spreading unit off.
A standardized three-point hitch enables the unit to be attached to all standard tractor types

The spreaders can be equipped with a Control system, which also enables the possibility of Precision Spreading. An example configuration of a Control System driven spreader can be a weighting system, hydraulic rotary feeder, a hydraulic driven conveyor and a precision GPS system.

The machine can be manufactured according to the customers needs.

Spreading Module


The rotary feeder is a roller equipped with eight dams. 

The dams are mounted around the roller and generate chambers which can hold an equal amount of binding agent material.

Technical Details 

– Hydraulic drive for the rotary feeder
– Filling pipe (3″)
– Vent pipe (120 mm) and pressure relief flap integrated into the container,
– Infinite adjustment of the quantity to be spread
– Rotary feeder for high spreading precision, spreading quantity up to 35 kg/m² depending on the driven speed
– Inspection opening for loading or revision
– Dust- and rain-protection
– RPM sensor for the rotary feeder
– Lighting package
– Collecting pan
– Control unit

Spreader type BMS 3M BMS 4M
Volume 3 m³ 4 m³
Working width 2460 mm 2650 mm
Total width 2550 mm 2750 mm
Spreading quantity 6-35 kg/m² 6-35 kg/m²
Hydraulic power 60 l/min 60 l/min
Lower link to the mass centre 600 mm 600 mm

Custom tailored sizes upon request!


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